The Best Property Management Service in Central Ohio.

Established 3/21/2007

About me

Name: Brian Dodane

Profile: CEO


Phone: (614)226-5666

I created this business after a year of owning a duplex to expand in which I then occupied another duplex across the street to maximize profits. I started Managing 4 other properties for an Out-of-State investor who interned got involved in a Rehab Duplex with me. Now after my private life no longer intervenes I have accelerated my business with this website and business credit.

I have created two other businesses that have guaranteed me two future lease contracts as soon as the perfect property is acquired.

You can check out KETO Kitchenette Co., LLC and OHIO'S Safest Brewcade Co., LLC.


My Clients come first and the Tenants shall follow!
Hoping to add the word Team to About very soon.

Looking for License Real Estate Broker

Must have 1 year of experience with more then 1 accredited references. Preferably have your own list of clients or leads to expand and/or grow faster.


OHIO'S Safest Brewcade Co., LLC

Finding the perfect property to become a new build 4C or M class property to house the brewcade and KETO Ketchinette Co., LLC. Originally wanted route 317, but now looking in Pickerington.

12/08/2019 / REV 11/6/2020