If you can find better, we will at least match it within reason.

Management fees

I am only serving within 25 mile radious of Columbus, Ohio I offer Multi property discount on the management fee which will be applied in contract. There is a application fee of $50. The application fee must be paid before the inspection or it will never take place. Making the payment of the fee is your responsibility. If your Properties passes inspection a contract will be written Single family homes 2-4 bedrooms 10% monthly fee Multi-family Homes $100/unit monthly fee for no more than 5 units. Apartment building between 6-10 units 8% monthly fee. Apartment buildings between 11-25 units 7% monthly fee. Apartment buildings between 26-50 units 6% monthly fee.

Our services include

Extreme outdoor maintenance with pet cleanup stations around the designated campus. 2 Edgings of sidewalks each year,1 in spring and 1 in fall. A good power washing each Spring. Depending on size of property you get 1 to 2 mows a week rain or shine with flower bed taking care of also 1 in spring and 1 in fall. We do a little extra if it's a retirement community, especially if they already have a gardening program for their residents. They need to feel self worth more then us. And Of course detailed inspections twice a year unless called in for something. We automatically do a full inspect every time we are called in for an inspection work order of any kind. We offer free maintenance 2 times a year and charge labor every time after that in the same year. If there is anything like floors or something that needs immediate repair we will supply you with pictures and 3 estimates to repair for you to either file with insurance or just approve to have fix which we require 25% down payment first, then we will invoice you the difference along with a copy of the original invoice.

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